It’s important to remember as Christians in America that the global church consists of churches from all countries and continents. God is building his church continually, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. He displays his faithfulness even amid the brokenness we witness in our local church contexts. Christ came to rescue his Bride, and he won’t stop perfecting her until he returns.

In this episode of Glo, Blair Linne, Aixa de López, Sharon Dickens, and Soojin Park discuss what God is doing in their local congregations and share hopeful stories and statistics of God’s work around the world. The hosts close their conversation and the first season of Glo by praying for churches that God has placed on their hearts. May we listen closely to the stories of God’s work worldwide and be encouraged to persevere in our faith and devotion to his church, knowing he remains faithful.

Episode time stamps:

  • Episode and topic introduction (0:00)
  • Aixa’s hope for the church in Guatemala (3:43)
  • God’s work at 20schemes in Scotland (6:07)
  • Hope in the American church (9:25)
  • The local church as a healing agent (12:54)
  • Hopeful statistics about the global church (15:24)
  • Encouraging stories from different parts of the world (17:04)
  • Praising God for believers doing work in hard places (26:09)
  • Praying for churches around the world (29:30)
  • What’s one part of the world you’ve always wanted to visit? (46:00)

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