What’s special about church? For this final episode of Post-Christianity?, Glen Scrivener and Andrew Wilson are joined by Rebecca McLaughlin, author of Confronting Christianity and The Secular Creed.

They discuss the unique nature of the in-person church as the place where the vertical dimension of worship meets the horizontal dimension of embodied community. Reflecting on the long history of Christianity, they acknowledge that the church simply “doing its thing” has a transformative, leavening influence on the world.

McLaughlin critiques some of our attitudes toward church and personal evangelism and offers encouragement to keep proclaiming Christ even when it feels fruitless. Scrivener examines how our fear of being labeled “bigots” can lead us to disqualify ourselves from sharing the gospel, even though our friends might be more receptive than we imagine.

The podcast ends on a hopeful note: we’re actually living in pre-Christian times—Jesus is Lord, he is returning, and summer is coming.


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