In this episode of TGC Q&A, the fourth in our six-week series on faith and work, Robby Holt and Brian Fikkert answer the question: “How can we include the poor in the conversation?”

They discuss:

• Connecting the conversation (:43)
• Biblical foundations (1:48)
• Economics (3:10)
• Creation: work as part of God’s design (4:14)
• Image bearing (7:12)
• Positive view of culture (9:28)
• Fall: the impact on relationships (11:58)
• Broken people create broken cultures (14:50)
• Redemption: inviting the poor (17:29)
• The communal basis for flourishing (25:23)
• Realizing we are part of the problem (28:41)

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Editors’ note: 

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Is there enough evidence for us to believe the Gospels?

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