Acts 29: Churches Planting Churches

Cultural engagement is a critical aspect of church planting. The cities, towns, and villages in which we establish new churches have unique attitudes, values, and practices. These shared beliefs and habits define their culture.

As men and women committed to drawing people away from worldliness and toward godliness, knowing how to wisely engage others about their attitudes and actions is essential. How do we equip Christians to think and speak about culture in a way that plugs into a bigger and better reality—the story of King Jesus and his redemptive plans for the world?

Dan Strange joins me today on the podcast to discuss church planting and cultural engagement. Dan is the college director at Oak Hill College in London, where he lectures on culture, religion, and public theology. Dan is married to Elly, and they have seven children. He also serves as an elder at East Finchley Baptist Church.

Listen to this episode of Churches Planting Churches.