The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics helps Christians share the truth, goodness, and beauty of the gospel as the only hope that fulfills our deepest longings.
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Gospel Resources About Sexuality


Beware Social Myths

Through social myths, we feel as if we’re doing something profoundly important—even though all we’re doing is shouting into the void.

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“I’m so grateful for the ministry of The Keller Center. A major part of what I’ve tried to accomplish in recent years is to encourage younger writers, scholars, and ministers who are doing exactly what the church in the United States needs to do in order to reach people for Christ. There are many such men and women out there, and they need lots of support. I’m delighted that The Keller Center will carry this work on for me.”
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We have a lot of work ahead. But we know God is faithful to build his church. And we struggle with the energy God supplies (Col. 1:29). Thank you for beginning this long journey with us. We’re grateful to God for countless answered prayers. Above all we ask that you continue to pray that our work will be faithful and fruitful as we equip the next generation of church leaders in evangelism and apologetics.