Global Resourcing

In the last year, more than 16 million users visited The Gospel Coalition’s global network of websites from outside the United States. 

Altogether, these websites and coalitions provide gospel-centered resources in languages accessible to more than 4 billion people, representing the largest language blocks in the world. 

It is our prayer that God will increase the reach and the impact of TGC’s international coalitions to provide trusted and timely, winsome and wise, gospel–centered resources to the global church.

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The Gospel Coalition is a movement of movements, a network of networks, a gathering of international coalitions. Our unity stems from our shared commitment to the historic gospel in the reformed tradition. Our goal is to glorify God by helping raise up a new generation of Christian pastors and leaders across the world—a generation with an undiluted, robust knowledge of the gospel, who understand the times and lead with faithfulness. 

Each international coalition curates and disseminates the best resources in its region and language of the world. Each coalition assembles skilled and experienced editors who commission trusted, gifted authors and translators to generate gospel-centered articles, books, and media. 

This map shows the current reach of TGC’s international coalitions and language websites. 



These local coalitions have developed independent Councils that affirm TGC’s Foundational Documents and Theological Vision for Ministry:

Language Websites

These strategic language websites are currently being served through ministry partnerships as we work with local churches, seminaries, and ministries to identify indigenous leadership that can affirm TGC’s Foundational Documents and Theological Vision for Ministry to form a future Council. 

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 As one of the top 20 Christian websites in the world, TGC.org is well-positioned to be one of the most trusted voices for spiritual questions online. People are searching for resources on important spiritual questions, and we want to make sure they find biblical answers. People are searching for hope. We want to provide trusted, timely, and winsome resources online for free. 

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